Sunday, April 11, 2010

Stone Age Murder at White Point?

From the Evening News, April 10, 1919:


LOS ANGELES, April 10 -- Evidence of a mysterious and cowardly murder of an unidentified man has been unearthed by curators at the Exposition Park museum.

While studying a skeleton brought to them they found death had been caused by an arrow embedded in the spinal column.

"This is a particularly cowardly case," declared Edward James, detective. "This man was shot in the back. But I see no clew [sic] leading to the guilty party nor can I determine the motive."

The skelton, it might be added, was that of a cliff dweller, dug from beneath a rock 100 feet underground at White Point, near San Pedro. He was murdered during the stone age.


*above image shows the White Point area (near San Pedro), c. 1930

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