Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Phineas Banning Hailed as Friend of the Workingman

In 1867, the several hundred appreciative employees of General Banning -- widely acknowledged as the founder of the Port of Los Angeles -- presented him with a fine gift. As recounted in the Wilmington Journal in February 1867:

"On Saturday evening last the employees in the different establishments of General P. Banning, wanting to testify their respect to that gentleman as the workingman's friend, presented him with a most superb watch and chain.

The instrument is of fine American manufacture, and finished in the highest style of art...The presentation was made by Capt. E.E. Hewitt...The General, in response, replied in a very happy and felicitous manner, and was several times interrupted by the applause of those present.

The testimony was worthily bestowed, and was the free-will offering of those who, knowing Gen. Banning, wished to attest their appreciation of the workingman's friend."